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Cancer threw me for a loop. But what I learned was invaluable as a producer. What that would be…July 24th, 2011: 11 AM. My niece jumped on me. Really sharp pain in my testicle. Unbearable pain. On scale of 1-10, 10 being most painful, my pain was 100. I took myself to the ER to get some test done at The Hartford Hospital where it revealed that I had testicular cancer. My first thought: After looking at your test results, we found a lump in your testicle and we believe it’s cancerous. He said a lot more after that, none of which I heard. Only this question swirling in my mind: “Why me, God?”. I had an operation to remove my left testicle, but it spread into my Lymph Nodes. I had to have a Lymph node removal surgery which was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. After I was done being in the hospital, I had Six-weeks of chemo treatments. One of the reasons why I want to tell this story is because it taught me a valuable lesson to never give up on yourself.

In learning of not giving up on myself, it has made me into a better producer because it takes a lot to become a producer. Just like my team The Montreal Canadiens, so many people questioned where this team was going, but with a calm mindset, they were able to build a great foundation and that’s how I look at producing. Sometimes people will question you how to produce a film, but as long as you set up a good foundation, you can build a great film. It’s great to please everyone, but sometimes it’s not the case because you have to make tough decisions that will make some people upset with you. That is what you will get from me, I will try to please everyone, but I do have the confidence when I have to put my foot down to do what needs to be done. I learned all these great tools from getting degrees in Graphic Design, Web Design and Film Directing, but with all those false starts that I realized that I was destined to be a Film Producer.

I didn’t always want to be a Film Producer, back in 2006 I wanted to be a Film Director. Back in 2007 I remembered makes a Documentary Movie called “Autism” and you meant wonder why I am talking about this movie is because what my professor told me after watching the movie. She told me that she was a judge at “Doc Fest” which a event that happens in Toronto and she was a judge for that Film Festival. She told me that if my movie was part of the Film Festival, I would have won best short documentary which made me very proud of myself. It doesn’t stop there, another thing that made me proud was winning best Portfolio at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I got my bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. Winning best portfolio is nice, but nothing compares on completing my master’s degree in Film Producing because I’ll become the first in my family to have completed a master’s degree.

Getting my master’s degree is great, but sometimes you got to know when to kick back and enjoy myself with my free time. If I’m not at the movies watching what must be over 1000 movies by now, you will catch me home watching a good ole movie on any steaming services that I am in the mood for. Movies are great, but nothing beats watching a good ole old fashion hard hitting hockey game. Where can I begin about hockey, I love everything about it, I love the moments where my heart feels like I am having a heart attack, or the moments that you scream so hard that your roommate are knocking on your door to keep it down. There is so much to talk about hockey because it is the greatest sport on earth and if anyone wants to challenge me on it, I can tell you that I can name every Stanley Cup Champion since 1953. I know, I know that is enough about hockey, oh yeah, did I mention that I love hockey. Besides of watching hockey, I love doing podcasts on YouTube talking about movies, doing trailer reactions and do try not to laugh challenges. If you gotten this far, I am happy that you care to get to know me and I hope that this Bio will result of me getting a phone call from you wanting to interview me for a position that you think will work with my experience.


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